Five Headline Writing Ingredients that Improve Sales (taught by this Marketing Master)

Advertising Expert, Copywriter, Teacher, and Author: Clyde Bedell
Advertising Expert, Copywriter, Teacher, and Author: Clyde Bedell

Advertising genius, copywriter, teacher, and author Clyde Bedell, became known as the “go-to-guy” when it came to helping failing businesses with their sales and advertising needs from the 1930’s through the 1960’s.

His consistent sales success catapulted him to become a highly sought after advertising professional that was called on to help some of America’s largest companies survive the Great Depression era.

He taught that you could write the most persuasive, selling copy ever…but if your prospect didn’t make it past the headline, you wasted your time.

Clyde taught what he called, “The Five Headline Writing Ingredients”:

1) Appeal to the prospect – Use words such as “you”, “your”, or words that imply you are speaking directly to the reader.

2) Mention the benefits – People buy products or services for their benefits. Try to mention the primary benefit in your headlines.

3) Use current news in headline writing– You can make a headline sound like a news item to gain reader interest. Using words like “new”,  “now”, “finally”, or “at last” make the headline sound like the copy may be about something new or interesting.

4) Use curiosity – Create curiosity in your headline writing. Ask questions that are relevant to the prospect and his problem in the headline to grab his attention.

5) Mention the product favorably – Show favor toward the product or service you are writing about by using complimentary adjectives in the headline.

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Benedict Paul

Another advertising great not many know about. Bedell’s ‘How to Write Advertising that Sells’ is a must-read for any copywriter. Thanks, Angeline!


Paul: You are absolutely right. I have that book and the course. I highly recommend it for any copywriter. Thanks for commenting.

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