Angeline-PlesekGet Smart Business Radio…why Angeline Plesek started the radio show for business owners and managers–or anyone that wants to learn how to do business “BETTER” online!

I made a decision to create business that I love after working in various television, radio and online media positions since 1997.

My passion is to use my skills to serve others. After my last job layoff, I decided to use my copywriting and online marketing skills to help other business owners and managers like you that don’t have the time to make mistakes and start over.

Today I work with overwhelmed and frustrated business owners and managers who are not satisfied with their online marketing results. I teach them how to do business better online—ultimately boosting profits.

How? I took my love of radio and decided to create Get Smart Business Radio, the weekly business radio talk show that showcases experts that have been successful with online business and marketing—in both B2C or B2B. They share what has worked and was has not so that you can be a success too!