Do You Sell Your Products and Services Online? These Buttons Decreased Revenue by 19.67% on Checkout Landing Pages

Paying More Attention to Checkout Landing Page Buttons Can Pay Off
Did you know you can maximize your profits if you pay more attention to those little buttons on your checkout landing pages?

Imagine you bring a potential website visitor all the way through your sales process and now to your checkout page as planned, then he abandons the page and decides NOT to purchase your product or service. But why? Maybe the visitor isn’t even sure why he backed out of the buying process.

According to research and testing conducted by Analytics Inspector…adding an “Add to Cart” button is better than the typical “Buy Now” button. Why? Some tend to think the “Add to Cart” button gives the visitor the perception that he has more control over the sale—and whether or not he realizes it, “Buy Now” seems more intimidating to him.

It also appears that when buttons have “action-oriented” copy on them, they outperform the typical “submit” button.

So putting copy on your buttons such as: “Get Your Free Financial Report” or “Download Your Free E-book” does better than the traditional “submit.”

Although there are other variables that make a difference in button tests such as color and size…it may be well worth the extra effort to spend more time on just what that “little” button says, because the returns could be big!


How a 7-Day Cruise Proves Personalization Can Get Your Business an Improved ROI (with only a little bit of effort!)

Cruise Ship In Tropical Climate by Stuart MilesI just returned from a 7-day cruise with my family on the Royal Princess to the Eastern Caribbean.

We were celebrating my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary.

From the moment I boarded the ship I experienced “personalization”—here’s how my cabin attendant got me to take extra time out of my day to sit down and fill out a comment card about her great service and hand over extra cash for her pocket…she used selling 101!

I arrived at my cabin for the first time and the cabin attendant, Donnabelle, from the Philippines said, “Welcome aboard, Miss Angeline.” She got me from that moment forward.

Not only did she do a great job keeping my cabin tidy and stocked with fresh linens and chocolates, she would acknowledge me “by name” every time that she saw me in the hallway outside of the cabin during my 7-day stay. She made me feel as though she was my “personal cabin attendant.” I felt connected to her. Such a small gesture, made such a big impact!

If Donnabelle hadn’t taken the time to address me by my name in the hallway, or acknowledge me whenever she saw me, would I have taken the time to sit down and fill out the handwritten comment card telling her and her supervisors what a wonderful job she had done? Probably not.

If she hadn’t addressed me by name and made me feel like she knew me personally and actually cared enough about me to take the time to learn my name, would I have given her an extra tip? Maybe.

It really didn’t take much effort on Donnabelle’s part to do this small thing, but the return on her investment paid off double. (Extra cash and a handwritten recommendation for her permanent work record)

So, the moral of this story is—don’t address prospects as a group, be as personal as you can—it works wonders. Address a prospect by name if possible and use the words:
“you”, “you’re”, or “your” often.

I don’t remember where I heard this saying long ago, but it has stuck with me…
“A person’s name is music to his ears.”

Headline Test Shows Increase of 307% in Response… (how you can use the same tweaks to boost your online ROI)

  Headline Test Shows Increase of 307% in Response… (how you can use the same tweaks to boost your online ROI)
I saw a blog post titled,
This Headline Tweak Boosted Response By 307%, and couldn’t pass up the chance to comment on the results.

I am a true believer in crafting headlines to get response—not so much clever headline writing, but headlines that have proven results by simply inserting certain ingredients.

This headline test shows how important adding these ingredients can be to boost your ROI.

The winning headline was:

“If you’re a retailer in need of fresh ideas and proven growth strategies, this book is for you!”

The post doesn’t really say why it won but I believe it is because it included “TWO” of the most important headline ingredients.

The words “you’re” and “you”— address the prospect directly. This is key in successful headlines. The competing headline didn’t use “you’re” or “you”. It addressed the prospect as “retailers”, thus grouping all prospects who read the headline into one impersonal group.

The other ingredient the headline included was benefits—“fresh ideas and proven growth strategies”—two things any struggling retailer would be looking forward to learning.

I encourage you to read the actual blog post and you can learn more about the Five Important Headline Ingredients here.